Deadlines with Margin

Deadlines┬ácan be a great thing. If I didn’t have deadlines, whether self-imposed or not, I doubt I would really get a whole lot done. When I don’t have deadlines, I actually tend to drag my feet and get lazy. That is the positive of a deadline.

However, deadlines are a double edged sword. They give you a goal to work toward, however they can also lead to anxiety and stress. Continue reading “Deadlines with Margin”

Clean the Dishes

Dishwashers are amazing things. If you don’t think so, wait until the dishwasher breaks down. Either that, or just try going without it for 30 days. I realize that you may not use a dishwasher and that you may be extremely good at staying on top of keeping your dishes clean. However, I am definitely not. I have a tendency to let them pile up, and a dishwasher can make a 30 minute job a 5 minute job. There is really a lot we can get done with a dishwasher with pretty minimal effort.

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