Big, Hairy, and Audacious

Photo Credit: Flickr via Compfight cc

I’ve had this big, hairy, audacious goal for a long time. That goal is to write a book. Its a goal that I think a lot of people have but not very many people succeed at. Its a goal that I have used as an excuse to not pay attention to this blog.

The only problem is, I have made very little headway on my goal. Continue reading “Big, Hairy, and Audacious”

The (Over) Productivity Problem

We can do more today than we ever could, and it’s not slowing down. I remember when the personal computer was becoming more attainable for the average person. Technology seemed to be moving at a break neck speed. By the time you walked out of the store, your computer was obsolete. Still, these computers ran similar programs. They were basic, but they were helpful. Continue reading “The (Over) Productivity Problem”