Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2 Review

These days, Marvel movies are a dime a dozen. There are at least 2-3 movies that come out every year. Almost each one is met with extravagant ticket sales. On the whole, they are entertaining and bombastic. Every once and awhile, though, one comes out in which the story goes a little deeper than the audience was expecting.

Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2 is one of those movies. Humor and action is the main driving force of the movie. The one bummer of the movie, though, is that it isn’t safe for kids. Jon Favreau emphasized in interviews in how you never really saw any carnage in Iron Man because he wanted a movie that his kids could go see. In Guardians, there is a scene where two characters go on a killing spree as they are escaping captivity.  There is also a digital brothel in the movie in which one of the main characters receives service. I sighed as the scene shows a little too much and doesn’t really add much to the story.

However, its hard to let those scenes derail a movie that deal heavily in themes of friendship, family, love, and purpose. All of these themes dance and intertwine together to create extremely powerful moments throughout the film. 

Why do we run from love?

Is our purpose in life to serve and expand ourselves or to serve and love others?

What makes a family?

Is sacrificing love in the name of survival worth it?

These are just some of the questions that the characters of the movie have to wrestle with. They are questions that we wrestle with in our own lives as well. One of the great things about this story is that almost every one in the audience will find something to connect to in one of the characters (in a broad sense of course).

I love Marvel movies, mainly because I like super hero stories. The best ones are the ones that provide a lesson and maybe a little reflection of ourselves in them. Despite being less safe for the younger audience, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 finds itself up there with the best of the Marvel crop.


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