Over the past few weeks, I have written several posts but could not get myself to click the “Publish” button. I would begin writing then get about half way through and then quit. The post would be relegated to the draft section for a revisit later. 

Why was this happening? Why couldn’t I get something out? What was going on?

Well, several things were happening. For one, life was getting busier. There were things that took precedent over writing, and when it came time when I could write I had no more juice. My energy was sapped, and when you don’t have energy then you aren’t able to put in the best work. I still tried to grind it out, but nothing crossed into the realm of anything with sharing. With that realization came something else that kept me clicking the “Draft” button – doubt.

I began to really question if I had anything worthy worth sharing. I also began to question whether writing was my “thing” at all. If it was so hard for me to find something to say, then maybe I’m walking down the wrong path. This writing thing is hard.. But isn’t anything that is worthy of pursuing?

All of the things in my life that lead to growth at one point or another seemed dead in the water. I think when it comes to pursuing your calling this is a season that comes. It’s that time when the mountain high starts to fade away and the graduation googles start to clear up to reality. This isn’t going to be easy, so the question becomes, “Is this going to be with it?”

It’s a question I think we all have to face in so many pursuits in life. We all give our time and energy to something. Is what we are spending our time on worth it, or are we just spinning our tires? Lately, I’ve felt like the tires were spinning while I was writing. Maybe they were.

However, I think of car races like the Indy 500. The cars are all revving their engines before the flag drops. When the flag drops, it’s on. 

After several laps, the tires begin to wear out and the driver has to bring the car in for a pitstop. Maybe that is what we all need – a pitstop to check the tires and be sure everything is good to go. In a race, it can be frustrating because it feels like time is lost. However, not taking the pitstop could cost the whole race or endanger the driver.

Pitstops can help us reassess, change the tires, and get fueled up to get going again. I think that is what I needed. Now, it’s time to get back at it.

If you feel tired or running out of juice, maybe you need a pitstop too.


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