Grasping Reality

We all think we have a hold on reality. We see things with our own two eyes and call it real. In a sense, that is reality. However, often times the things we see and experience make us feel things. Emotions rise up, and all of the sudden reality is seen through a different lens.

It is kind of like the news right now. There are not very many news outlets anymore that just report the facts. It’s always included with some sort of opinion or barb. It’s not neutral, fact presenting. 

Our problems are like that. We all have problems. They often times look bigger to us than to other people. That is because they feel big in the moment. When things seem to be going haywire, it’s really easy to see all things in life going haywire, even if they are just fine.

This is why time in Scripture and with God is so important to me. When I do it, I remember real reality. Things may not feel great at the current moment, but God will get me through. Weeping is for the night, but God’s blessings are new every morning.

When I don’t take that time with God, I can only see things through my own foggy glasses. I see sort of reality. There are times when I think I’m ok with sort of reality. I’m ok with it until I’m not. Then, like a lightning strike, I realize my folly. I should never settle for living a blurry life.

A blurry life means running into things, stumbling when I don’t have to, and not seeing things around me clearly. Small things can look like big blobs when seen through a blurred lens. 

It’s not hard to start cleaning the lenses off, but it does take time and a little effort. It takes time with God whether through prayer, Scripture reading, journaling, or all of the above. God is happy to spend time with us, and if you’re anything like me you will find the more you do, the better grip you have on reality and the better you feel.


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