Down the Rabbit Hole

In the book of Numbers, the Israelites have a repeat of what happened when God freed them from the Egyptians. They begin to complain. The bread that God has provided is not good enough. They are tired of the manna and want meat. Because of this desire, they turn on Moses and turn on God.

God gives the Israelites what they want and then some. He gives them plenty of meat in the form of quail. However, while people are still eating, a plague strikes. Several people are struck dead in their lust for meat.

This may seem weird. It may seem cruel, even, for a loving God to do this to His people. However, look at it this way – the provisions of the Creator of the universe weren’t good enough for the Israelites. What God provided wasn’t good enough.

If the provisions of God aren’t enough, what can be?

Later in Scripture, Israel demands a king. They want to be like the surrounding nations. In the wilderness, what God provided wasn’t enough. When they settle for several decades, its not just God’s provision that isn’t enough. God isn’t enough for them anymore, so they want a king. Again, God gives them what they want.

I know that my life sometimes communicates the same thing. In hard times, I may think, “If only I had a little more rest. If only this was easier. If only…” My life can be filled with, “If only’s.” With enough of them, before too long I’m wanting something besides God. Sometimes, I can feel that tug after a long day. I sit down and I don’t want to do anything.

If I’m honest, there are times where I don’t want to spend time with God.


Those times are not good, and they are dangerous. They are dangerous, because in those moments God gives us what we want. If we don’t turn back, then what we want will eventually destroy us. That is because when we pursue things that aren’t God, they become little gods in our lives. God cares for us, but the little gods don’t.

If I don’t surrender in the moments when I feel like giving in, whether it be laziness or acting out in all sorts of various ways, then I head a little deeper down the rabbit hole.

The Father loves us, though. We don’t have to hit the bottom of the rabbit hole. We might, but we don’t have to. At any time, we can look up out of it and cry out. He will reach down and grab us if we ask for it.



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