Creative Reflection

I just took an intentional week off of writing. Why? Because it was time to ask some hard questions, and think about the answers to them.

Writing about God is a dangerous thing to do. Creating in the name of Jesus is a dangerous thing to do. It’s not just the fear of being judged by other creatives and writers, but it’s deeper. I don’t want to use the Gospel for my own personal benefit.

I think it’s a line Christian creatives​ probably pass all of the time. The motive starts at least somewhat pure, but then it becomes more about the creator and less about the Creator. Over the past couple of weeks, I’ve felt a tug on my heart asking some questions.

Why are you writing?

Whose kingdom are you trying to build?

These questions are scary and make it easy to want to “play it safe.” If there is risk in writing about Jesus and His work in my life, then maybe it’s just easier to write about tech, entertainment, or pop culture. It may be safer in some respect, but in others it could just silence the encouragement that one person needs. It could silence the encouragement that I get 3 years later, reading a post long forgotten that helps me on a bad day.

That is one of the big “why’s” behind this blog. I don’t want to write to make myself look good. I don’t want to write to build my own kingdom. I want to write to encourage and spur on that one person who happens upon this and needs it. I want to write to let people know that they are loved by God, not because of something special they did but just because God loves them.

God is crazy about us. He gave His Son for us. Through Jesus, we are adopted into the family of God. We are His sons and daughters.

So, I find myself with the conclusion to continue to write and create. I find the same convictions that ask me the hard questions are also spurring me to not quit. It’s a tension that is healthy, and a tension that I need to hold onto. As soon as I lose the tension, then I know that something is wrong.

Do you feel this tension anywhere in your life? 


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