First World Problems

WiFi is down.

My phone doesn’t last the whole day.

My dryer doesn’t dry my clothes all the way.

Those are just two examples of “first world problems.” 

There are videos that have been circulating around the internet of people in developing nations saying first world problems. There may be a temptation to dismiss these videos, or maybe guilt rises up as we realize that we really do say these things.

I don’t think that either dismissal or guilt is the answer.

In several areas in Scripture, you can read how God blesses the righteous and the wicked. Rain falls for both. I think how we react to those blessings and what we do with them are extremely important. We shouldn’t feel bad about what God has blessed us with, however we also shouldn’t hoard it.

Grace and forgiveness aren’t meant to be hoarded just for ourselves. They are meant to be given freely (grace by it’s very definition is a free and undeserved gift). In the same way, the other things in life aren’t meant to be hoarded. Money is not meant to build up our own personal kingdoms. Getting wrapped up in that is poisonous and not only leads to greed but also an incredibly anxious and closed off life.

No, we are blessed so that we can bless others. We receive so that we can give. Oswald Chambers uses the image of grapes in Utmost for His Highest. We are pruned as grapes to be crushed and poured out wine.

Life isn’t about me and my kingdom. Life is about God’s Kingdom. Living a grateful and giving life is just one of the little ways we can bring a little Kingdom into our lives and the lives of others.

What can you do today to give a little bit away?


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