A Brief PSA

One thing that I have written in the past that I don’t really want to write again is criticism. Over the years, I have said and written things that have torn people down. I don’t want to do that anymore. If you ever read criticism on this blog, then it means I’m off base – I’ve lost vision.

One of the things I want my actions to do as much as possible is to build others up. 

I don’t want to live my life tearing others down. Instead, I want to speak hope into peoples’ lives. I believe that hope is found in Jesus. So, you will probably read a lot about Him on this blog.

However, I realize the danger in this. I have written about this before. This opens me up to criticism. I also don’t have any desire to mislead anyone. CS Lewis realized that he wasn’t clergy when he compiled a series of interviews and essays into the book Mere Christianity, so he prefaced the book stating what he was – an author who had an experience with God. He also made the statement that if anything wasn’t helpful that it should be thrown out. 

I echo his statements – I am not clergy. Most of what I write has been inspired by something I read or heard. It is mostly just opinion, and ultimately should be taken as just that. If it’s helpful, then I’m really glad. If it’s not, please just throw it away.


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