Mobile World Congress is coming up soon. It is the place where tech companies besides Apple announce upcoming mobile devices. Mostly, companies announce new smart phones.

I like to read about events like this. As a tech fan, I enjoy reading about the next big thing. However, I know this poses a great danger as well. Tech can be an idol.

I’ve heard several people talk about our hearts being where we spend our time and money. It’s a punch in the gut every time I hear it. What am I spending on?

This last week, my wife’s phone died weeks out of the one year purchase warranty. We spent time online talking to support, and the rep online told us the repair may not be covered under warranty. We were frustrated to put it nicely. The phone isn’t paid off, yet, and the problem is a known manufacturer issue. It’s not exploding, but it’s a several hundred dollar brick at the moment.

It’s easy for me to lose perspective in these moments. I remember Jesus telling His disciples not to store up treasure where thieves can steal and moths destroy. Instead, store up treasures in heaven. Those treasures for me are the opportunities to serve and the relationships that come out of them. Before we started dating, I got to know my wife while volunteering for child care at a parenting seminar.

This isn’t to say that I don’t see the value and convenience of smart devices. I’m writing this post on one in a Wendy’s. However, they don’t last forever. They can be stolen or get caught in an unexpected bootloop. They don’t last.

More than that,  I have to watch where my heart goes. If these devices ever receive a status in my life that is more than just a tool, then I know it is becoming an idol. In those moments, it is crucial to drag my heart back to the things that matter.


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