The Measure of Success

Photo Credit: DiariVeu – Flickr via Compfight cc

These past couple of Sundays at my church, the pastor talked about insecurity. He talked about how people bring their insecurities with them wherever they go. When they sit down in a church on Sunday morning, often times their insecurities are sitting right next to them. Our insecurities never whisper anything good in our ears.

They either whisper self-righteous justification like, “At least you are doing better than that person right over there. They are a mess,” or they whisper self-condemnation comments like, “Everyone here has it all together. You are a mess. You don’t belong here.”

Its taken awhile for me to really let that sink in, because there are a lot of areas in my life that I feel pretty balanced in. I have to keep in mind that just because I feel balanced doesn’t mean that I actually am. I could just be fooling myself.

However, there is one place that I hear the whisper badly. It says, “You have no idea what you are doing. Why are you even devoting time to this?”

It is right here on this blog.

A lot of times I question whether I really have anything meaningful to say. It would be a lie if I didn’t say that I spend some time looking at analytics and become depressed by the number of page views. As a writer, I can find myself score keeping and gauging my success by the following –

How much money have I made writing? – the number is $0 by the way

How many likes does this post have?

How many people have commented?

Any new subscribers?

In the end, if I’m trying to currently find success in numbers, well…I’m not doing so hot.

However, I have to ask myself some questions. How long have I really been taking blogging and writing seriously? Have I just been treating it like a hobby? What are things I can do to take it more seriously?

There is one question that stands above them all, though. It’s the foundational question. Who am I writing for?

When I ask the question, “Who am I writing for,” I’m not thinking about marketing. I could. I could think about a specific demographic and write exclusively to that demographic. A lot of my writing, almost all of it, will probably resonate the most with Christians. Its because that is a big part of who I am.

That’s an answer to the question. However, it is not my ultimate answer.

My answer, the answer I at least want anyway, is that I am writing for the one person. I am writing for the one person who may come across this blog post and be encouraged. Whether you’re a writer, artist, or just in a place where you don’t feel like you measure up, then I want to write that you aren’t alone.

The insecurities that whisper to us, whether it be self-righteousness or self-condemnation, twists truth. We may be situationally doing “better” than someone else, but that doesn’t make us better than anyone. On the flip side, we may be in a place where we aren’t doing well. Whether it is trying to find success in numbers or coming out of a hard fight with a loved one, we may feel like the word “failure” describes who we are. We aren’t failures though.

If you are the one person that needed to hear that today – then that makes this post worth it. If you are looking for inspiration to keep going with your dream, I encourage you to think about the one person you could make a difference for.


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