Beware To-Do Lists!

Photo Credit: Rob Warde Flickr via Compfight cc

This week, I feel wore out. It is only Wednesday, and the well has run dry…or at least it feels like it. Its in these moments that my thoughts go down the toilet.

My attitude goes sour. I answer the phone with a stern voice to make it clear that I am absolutely not to be bothered.

This is really a horrible way to live life, even on the bad days. It isn’t good for me to treat people how I feel. If I do, then the way I treat people is very inconsistent. This doesn’t mean “faking” it. I think fake it until you make it is an incredibly dangerous mentality. It means going deeper.

What am I grateful for? What are things in life that happen every day that I take for granted?

I wake up.
I’m able to take a shower.
I have a wonderful wife.
We have a house.
We aren’t wanting.
We have great friends.
We go to a great church.

These are all things that are true every day in my life. However, I miss it. I miss it because I’m caught worried about what the day has ahead. My to-do list is sometimes the first thing I think about in the morning. Honestly, sometimes it makes me dread the day ahead.

To-do lists keep us productive. They can keep us from growing complacent or becoming lazy. However, they can also be a source of stress and anxiety. When life becomes about our to-do list and less about being grateful, then its easy to become a task driven mess.

All too often, that is what I am. It is the source of my grouchiness. The thoughts that make people disruptions instead of opportunities to love are all centered around my to-do list.

What is the remedy? I’ve been trying to think and meditate on the things I listed above and remember the things that God has blessed me with. God has not short changed me, and I don’t think He short changes anyone.

What are some of the blessings that you forget? How can you remember them during the day?


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