The 7 / 13 Ratio

Some parts of the Bible are hard to read. I’ve never been terribly excited to read about the specifications or building of the temple of God in 1 Kings. In the past, I wondered why it was even included in Scripture. It is, however, and it is for a reason. Solomon spent 7 years building a pretty awesome temple house for God. Statues of angels, designs of palm trees and flowers, and lots of gold covered the inside of the temple. It was probably a sight to see.

In the next chapter of 1 Kings (c 7), it is recorded that Solomon spent 13 years on his own palace. Though God’s house was pretty awesome, Solomon’s was even more so. It is clear that though Solomon sought God, he still had a good deal of self-glorification going on.

It may be easy to think, “Solomon, Solomon, Solomon … what are you doing, man? Isn’t your ratio at least flipped? Shouldn’t you spend 13 or more years on God’s house and a pithy 6 months on your own?” However, I think there is a principle that can be drawn out of Solomon’s mistake.

How many times in my day to day life do I even think about God? How many times do I get caught up in myself, my schedule, my wants, and my plans? What’s the ratio in my life? There are times when I would consider a 7 / 13 ratio a good day.

Jesus told the rich man that he must give all he had to the poor to be able to follow Him. Jesus wants all of us. 7 / 13 isn’t enough.

Can a person make 13 / 13? No… only one person made 13 / 13 and His name is Jesus. This shows my absolute desperate need for Him. If I want to grow, if I want to serve and love God, and if I want my life to reflect the glory of God, then I need Jesus. I need grace. I need the Holy Spirit to pull me in, draw me closer, and help me move closer to whole.

We need grace. No one can make 13 / 13 in this life.


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