It has been awhile since I have been a part of the blogging world. I intentionally withdrew, so that I could spend time brainstorming ideas for a book. That process isn’t done yet, as I am still working through chapter titles and topics, but I have returned to write.

When it comes to writing, spitballing is important for me. I have to get all my ideas out on paper before I can refine them. I realize that some of the things I write during this time are bad…really bad. And that is okay.

Through the creative process, there is a sinister voice that whispers accusations. They are true. I’m not a pastor, councilor, or biblical scholar. The amount of time I put into research of my blog posts tend to be pretty minimal. And that can be a problem.

However, that sinister voice can’t be paralyzing. If it is, it wins. It’s the voice of self-doubt that creeps in to keep me standing still. I can’t write without being an expert. Unless I have a PhD, I have nothing to offer.

This is a lie. All too often, I believe it. If I let it, it keeps me from moving and from putting into the world whatever gifts God has given me.

God has given us something to share. He has blessed us with gifts, not to horde for ourselves in self-doubt and self-protection. He’s given us gifts to share with others and to bless others. He has given us talents to invest. If you are like me, my doubt and my fear tempts me to bury them. That’s selfish, and in the end incredibly unfulfilling. We are all created for a purpose, each one unique.

And yet, when we take that step of faith, as scary as it is, we fit in a larger community. We fit in the Church. Like a puzzle with distinct pieces, we fit together to create a much larger picture.


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