Rest or Lazy? – Intro

We all have gifts. If you are like many in the working world, though, you don’t get that much time to use your gifts during the 8-5 work day. There are a couple of options, you can get up early in the morning and exercise those gifts, or you can come home after a day which could either energize you or drain you.

It’s a hard balance to strike, and it is not one that I strike very well. Being a writer and someone who desires to maintain some consistency with blogging, I have struggled to keep up. After a days work, I just want to chill out with my wife. Most of the time, my creative juices are pretty drained at 5:00, whether it be AM or PM.

The time that is most available for me is lunch time, and I am often selfish with my lunch time. Sometimes I make good use of it by spending some extended alone time with God, writing down in my journal, or brainstorming and writing down ideas for my book. Other times, however, I waste it. I scroll YouTube videos, read tech articles and reviews, and play Alphabear (I finally beat Zombie Bear!).

I waste time more and more when my mood is not the best. Usually, my mood goes downhill the more tired I am, and the more tired I am the less engaged I want to be. It is impossible to create anything of value if you are not engaged in the process. So, I check out.

I am convinced that in many of these moments, checking out is not the right answer. There are times when we do need to give our brains a rest, but there’s a difference between rest and laziness and all too often I am prone to laziness. So, how can we discern between the two?

I am not an expert in the field of discernment between rest and laziness, but this is something I want to learn. I’ll be looking into it and posting my thoughts on here regarding the difference between the two. As I said, I’m no expert so don’t take this as “advice.” Take this as an exercise in “creative processing.”

To wrap it up for today, I know if I am going to not squander my gifts that sometimes when I least want to do something is when I most need to do it. Writers need to write (and read…alot).


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