Are We Confusing?

This week I read two blog posts about confusing absolutes. In other words, things people like to tweet…including me.

The first post was from Donald Miller’s Storyline blog ( – Why Everything is Awful and You’re Probably Going to Die

The second was from Jon Acuff’s blog ( – Never trust a self help “expert” who owns a gorilla

I will be honest, when I write sometimes I will look for a “BAM” moment. This is the moment where everything comes together. Sometimes, it will be in the form of a catchy saying. It will often use alliteration. I like the BAM moment, and arguably the BAM moment needs to exist. Otherwise, what is the point?

The question is not whether the moment exists or not. It is whether it’s clear. Clarity is an essential part of communication (BAM!). However, I am not always great at it.

It is important for us to be clear with one another in communication. We cannot sacrifice clarity for the sake of sounding cool or wise. That’s foolishness.

And sometimes, I fall into that foolishness.

So, before hitting that submit button on twitter or Facebook, maybe it would be good to ask, “What do I mean by this? Is the meaning appropriately reflected online in limited characters?”

If not, its probably not worth pressing that button.


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