Story Sharing

We all have a story. If you are reading this, you have a story. Right now, it may be a short story, but it is still unfolding. Some reading this have a story with sharing.

How do we get stories worth sharing? We have to dare to live outside of our comfort zones. I am an introvert, and my comfort zone is at home. It could be with a good book or in front of a screen watching a movie. My go to comfort zone is not with people.

However, living with people is how my story is developed. At the same time, the alone time can be crucial to recognizing the movement of the story.

You see, I don’t write my story. You don’t write your story. Ultimately, God does.

I’ve found how my story plays out depends on one question: Do I trust Him? My story could be triumphant, or it could be a tragedy. It depends on how I respond to the plot events as they unfold.

The plot should drive us closer to God. If we lean towards Him, the direction of the plot will take us to an amazing resolution. Whether we find ourselves overcoming addictions and hard times, or stumbling towards Jesus after screwing up, the story that info unfolds is a story of redemption.

It’s not a story where we are the center. We are not the action hero. God is. We are the rescued.

And all of this is not meant to be kept secret. It’s meant to be shared with others. People need to hear your story.


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