Influenced 3 – What’s Next?

Now that we know that what we surround ourselves with influences us the big question is what do we do? Do we shelter ourselves? Do we become so protected that we don’t let anything remotely negative even come close?

The problem with sheltering ourselves is that our ability to influence others for the better drastically decreases. As self protection increases, the space in our hearts for others closes up. So, isolation isn’t the answer.

However, boundaries are important. In life, there are some people we can let in closer than others. It’s OK to have different groups of friends. Arguably, it’s good to have different groups of friends.

You should have friends ahead of you in life that can mentor you through difficult times. You should have friends to walk along side you. Finally, you should also have friends that may be a little behind you in life that you can help up.

This is discipleship. Be discipled, and disciple others. We are filled up by God and friends so that we may serve and love others. It is not good to hoard grace. It is good to give it.

Who can you raise up? Is someone raising you?


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