Influenced Pt 1 – Influenced by Media

We are all influenced. This is a hard truth to deal with as I want to believe that I am my own person. I want to believe that the only influence I have in my life is God. However, this is not true. Unless I were to isolate myself completely and live in a monastery alone, there are things that influence me.

These influencers are both positive and negative. An influencer can be a person or a group of people, but it can also be a thing. We can be influenced by TV shows, ads, music, articles, books, and more different kinds of media. Again, some of these influencers are positive and some are negative.

There was a moment when I realized that I was being influenced by the TV shows, movies I watched and the music I listened to. In high school, I fought against the idea that media had any kind of influence over my behavior. However, it did. I didn’t notice this until I started to shave some things away. I used to be a very bitter and angry person. Then, I stopped listening to music that had hate filled, angry, depressed, hopeless, and shame filled lyrics. There may have been a time in my life when listening to this type of music was cathartic and helpful, but continuing to put these words in my life after the catharsis kept me stuck. I was influenced, and I was stuck in my anger, shame, and depression.

There may be a person out there strong enough to not have these things affect them. However, I haven’t met him or her. I’m not going to write that everyone is the same as I am, but to be influenced by the media seems pretty normal. This is why commercials exist.

Please note that I am not saying that the media is the sole influencer to any of these things. Some could be influenced by physical makeup as well. Depression is a serious condition that can be physical and spiritual in nature. In my story, it was mainly spiritual and I found that filling my head with negative media only worsened my condition.

What media in your life do you think has a negative influence on you? If you struggle with lust, depression, loneliness, anger, or shame, is there something in your life that could be influencing this?


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