Reaching in Small Goals

Vision is a great thing to have. It is a great thing to have an overarching goal; something to strive for. However, there needs to be little mini goals that work as sign posts along the way. Let me give an example:

This weekend, I am getting ready to stuff envelopes full of invitations for my wedding. The guest list is pretty beefy, and there will be around 200 invitations to send or pass out to people. That is a lot of mail.

I could stack those invitations up and just try and rip the bandaid off. However, I know for a fact that this is discouraging and tiresome. The further down I get in the mail pile, it seems to carry the illusion that it is actually growing. My brain begins to ask, “When will this end?!”

However, if I divide the mailing up into groups of 10 then I am down to something more manageable. 10 invitations seem easier to stuff. To send 100 invitations out, I just need to have 10 groupings. All of the sudden, things do not seem quite as overwhelming.

Add the help of friends on to this, and suddenly invitation stuffing doesn’t seem nearly as intimidating.

This goes with any goal in life. Set a big goal, as you have probably heard before, reach for the stars! Then set smaller goals, develop a plan, and with each goal you achieve you can feel a sense of accomplishment instead of feeling defeated that you aren’t even half way to where you wish you were.


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