Thank God Its Friday

Too many weeks have ended with me thinking, “Boy am I glad that is over!” With the phrase: “Thank God, its Friday!” that seems to be the popular interpretation. Just like the song says, many of us are working for the weekend.

How can we redefine Fridays? Its good to have a day to look forward to, but when we are wishing time away to get to the end of the week, we aren’t living in the here and now. When we dont live in the here and now we miss opportunities that God places right in our laps. At the end of the week, can I look in the rearview mirror of Monday-Thursday and feel good about it, or do I look in the rear view mirror and see traffic jams and wrecks from running red lights?

We can say, “Thank God, its Friday” and not have it be about celebrating the end of something bad. Everyone is going to have a bad or off week. There is no denying that. However, there have been times for me where the norm became just surviving until Friday. This is not a good thing! After all, Friday is only one day of our week.

So, how can we thank God its Friday in a more positive light? Friday can be a good time of reflection of how the week went, whether it was good, bad, or indifferent. Friday should still be a celebration, but it can be a celebration of the whole week and not just the end of the week.

Some good questions to ask on a Friday:

How was I faithful this week to God, to coworkers, to friends, and to work?
Where was I not as faithful?
How did I care for those God has blessed me with relationships with?

In asking these questions, Friday isnt just a finish line. Friday becomes a celebration of the victories you’ve had this week, and it can also be a day when you ask, “How can I do better?”

I’ve always loved Fridays but not always for a good reason. I want to redefine TGIF. What about you?


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