In case you haven’t noticed, the title of the site went from “Christian and Nerd” to “Becoming.” It rebranded. Let me explain:

When I started this blog, I wanted to write about 3 things: God, technology, and video games. Now, I still enjoy reading about new technology, and from time to time I sit down with my PS3 to blow off some steam. However, these things are inconsequential hobbies that I enjoy when my mind switches to the “off” position.

We all need the “off” position in small doses. However, when our minds are switched “off” for long durations of time, then we find ourselves going into complacency. We stall out. We put in our time at work, and then come home and become entertainment zombies.

I’ve been an entertainment zombie before. I don’t think I’ve been one for a long time. However, I was finding that I was writing tech posts that never actually got posted. I just didn’t feel the need was there, and I was posting on news that other more specialized sites had already covered.

Not to mention there was just no focal point. The writing was a mish mash of whatever I felt like writing about. That’s what most blogs are, after all.

However, while reading and taking a class titled, “48 Days to the Word You Love,” by Dan Miller, I became inspired to do a couple of things:

1. Write more – This is one of the gifts I believe God has blessed me with (though, you may disagree).

2. Write with purpose – Its one thing to just write, its another thing to write with purpose.

So this blog is officially rebranding from a personal, “I’m going to write whatever the heck I want,” blog to a blog that is focused on stories, thoughts, and ideas about people becoming who they were created to be.

Just like I believe this blog’s focus needed to narrow, I think we need to narrow the focus in our lives as well. Sometimes we can get so caught up in what other people tell us we should be that we forget who we really are. In this case, rebranding is a refinement of purpose. Just as this website needed rebranding, I think our lives need it too.

We were all created for something. Let’s “rebrand” by becoming who we were created to be.


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