The Extraordinary Life

Self-realization is good, but it is overall worthless until we press the gas. Once we have figured out our gifting and become dedicated to continually setting straight our motives, then we must look toward vision. How does God want me to use my gifting?

For some people, this means going overseas. Others may start a non-profit or go into vocational ministry. Then, there is a majority who are called to practice their gifting in “ordinary work” or “ordinary life.”

For the Christ-follower, there is no such thing as “ordinary work” or “ordinary life.” When things start to feel stale and mundane, then we tend to slap the adjective “ordinary” before our jobs or lives. The word “ordinary” is an enemy to long-term vision, but worse, it is an enemy to your identity.

The goal here is not to put excitement back into our lives. The goal is to refuse to go on cruise control when life starts to feel mundane. We need to re-situate our perspective. After all, we are God’s workmanship. We were made by the God of the universe and then bought with a price after we chose to fill our lives with things other than Him. So, our life isn’t ordinary.

Believe it or not, your life is extraordinary. Whether you are sitting in a cubicle or traveling around the world, you have an extraordinary life. You have an opportunity to affect others around you. You can speak love and hope into their lives.

What are ways that you can practice your gifting in your extraordinary life? Can you get up a little earlier to get more done? Can you leverage the extra time during lunch breaks?

If you are anything like me, you are tired once you return home at 5, and I don’t have a physically taxing job. So, then the question becomes: “What time is wasted?”

Rest isn’t waste. We all need time to rest. We can actually be very busy, every minute of our day full with activity, and yet we are being wasteful with our time. I’ll write about this more in the next post.

Until then, what are practical things that you can do to practice your gifts?


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