I’ve been terrible at the idea of a blog series. I’ve had many false starts and have left many unfulfilled beyond just an idea to start with. So, I ask for grace for the past and the present. I want to be faithful, but sometimes my actions don’t back it up. I need to do better. So, I understand if you think, “Time will tell,” when I say I’m going to try to do another series.

We are all gifted in certain ways. We all have things that naturally fill us up when we do them. I’m not necessarily talking about leisure. I’m talking about what might look like work to some, but it doesn’t feel like work to you and me. God has hard wired you in a certain way.

Scripture tells us that there are many parts to the body. The apostle Paul wrote about the church and spiritual giftings. This is a great picture of the church because the parts work together to create a whole. We are faced with a problem, though. With the church in Corinth, some were gifted in one thing but saw another gift as better. They might have been gifted with service but instead wanted to prophesy.

Let’s hit the brakes. That’s not what the main crux of this series will be. Instead, we are going to journey through a different issue, but it can carry similar implications. Many of us have gifts that we seldom use. Some don’t even know or believe that they are gifted in a certain area, because they have never been able to explore it. Why is this? There are many reasons and they differ from person to person. We are going to look at those reasons, but I’m going to briefly mention a common one in this intro.

Many of us do not get to exercise our gifting from 8-5 during the week. When we arrive home, we are worn out from a day of work. Add on to that the many responsibilities of home life. It just seems that we don’t have time to exercise our gifting. However, we need to make time.

First, we need to make time to do inventory. What is my gifting? How has God wired me?

Secondly, after we figure out what the gifting is, we need to figure out how to practice it. Self discovery does very little good if it leaves us nowhere.

Are you feeling stifled? Unfulfilled? Will you journey with me on the path of discovery and practice? Let’s find ways to practice our gifting together! When we do, we won’t only feel more fulfilled, but we can also be more effective in fulfilling the great commission set forth in Matthew 25.


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