Don’t Settle

“Don’t settle.”

These two words are super popular in our culture. It can be really good advice, but it is important to ask ourselves what those two words really mean. What is settling?

It is a trap to think that settling has to do with self fulfillment. No job or relationship is absolutely perfect. We live in a broken world with broken people, so not settling can’t mean waiting for a perfect job or a perfect person.

To be able to define what constitutes settling, one has to do some self reflection. What is non negotiable? Is it right for that thing to be noon negotiable. Mat Kearney sings, “Still looking for the right things to call pretty,” in his song “What’s a Boy to Do”. He doesn’t sing, “Still looking for the things that are pretty, ” but sings that he is looking for the right things to call pretty. Our hearts and minds can be incredibly self deceptive and easily influenced by the culture around us.

Don’t settle, but don’t settle for the right reasons. If a job opportunity or person doesn’t cross off all the desirability check marks, then look at the check marks that aren’t met. Are they truly deal breakers? If so, then don’t settle. However, if you find yourself like many others, then you are like Mat Kearney. Continue to do the work to refine your definition of pretty.


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