Faithful and Reaching

I was recently challenged by a co worker: “What are you going to do with your life?” I have a good job, I have good friends, and I am reasonably happy. However, when I heard that question, I asked myself another, “Have I stalled? Am I challenging myself? Am I just phoning it in?”

The honest answer to that last question is sometimes. I don’t phone it in all of the time. However, sometimes I do.

All too often the answer to those questions relies on how is I feel on a my particular day. Mainly it depends on the level of which I feel inspired.

Writers are taught that they should write everyday. It’s just like any other art. You can’t get better unless you practice. Also just like any other art, writers need to get over the, “I’m just not feeling it today,” mentality. I know because that mentality has won in my life many times.  Not just with writing, but with other things as well.  The “I’m just not feeling it today,” mentality can keep me from being faithful with my relationships with people and with God.

The big tension is to be faithful with now but to also look into the future.  What can we do to train for the future as well as be faithful with the present?  I think one of the tricks is that we always have to be learning something.  If we ever stop learning then we run the risk of becoming complacent and comfortable in life.

Are you feeling the drag of complacency?  Is there something tugging out you that is calling for action?


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