Investigating Faith

If you are seeking information about the claims of Christ, the validity of the Gospel, or even the existence of God or an afterlife then this post is for you.  I am not going to try and prove or disprove anything, but I am going to mention something about whatever books you read regarding the subject.

Faith is not a subject that someone can write about in an unbiased fashion.  Faith is an extremely personal thing, and despite what a lot of people may say, quite a few people reach the point of faith through intellectual pursuits.  Its true that everyone has their own story, but at some point a person has to make a decision on what he or she believes is true and what is false about life and purpose.

So, when looking for literature, I think its important to keep in mind that the author has a story as well.  CS Lewis was an atheist before he became a Christian.  He coined the phrase that an atheist, “cannot be too careful about what he reads.”  Lee Strobel is probably one of the more popular contemporary apologetic writers.  He was once an atheist as well before investigating the God that his wife believes so fervently in.  

So, if your desire is to look for writing that is unbiased, then you aren’t going to find it.  This goes for both sides of the fence.


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