99.999% of people at some point in their lives have felt like a failure.  Okay, I’m not sure on that statistic, but it would seem about right.  The only thing I want to get across in that guestimation is that if you have feel down and out, whether it be vocationally, spiritually, or relationally – you are not alone!

Failure is the opposite of success.  For us to understand what failure is, we must first define success.  What is success?  What is the goal?  How is success gauged?

If we find that we have violated our definition of success then it is natural to feel like you’ve failed.  If your barometer of success depended on the opinions of others, then you are in for a ride through hell.  I know, because I’ve gone through it.

There is good news, though.  You failed.  People may be disappointed in you.  They may not want to associate with you anymore.  There is someone who does want to associate with you, though.

He hung out with the taxpayers, the prostitutes, and he even called the ones that couldn’t make the cut in school to be his followers and closest friends.  His name is Jesus.

Your friends may fail in faithfulness when you go to your darkest place.  Jesus never will.


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