Valentine’s Day…Some call it Single’s Awareness Day

I used to call Valentine’s Day single’s awareness day.  I used to be with the bitter crowd decrying that Valentine’s Day was a made up holiday so that Hallmark, chocolate, and flower companies could make a buck.  What has changed?  I’m still single, so why am I not dreading Thursday?

There’s been a paradigm shift.  I can be spend my life grumbling, or I can spend my life blessing and loving.  I have decided to bless and love.  Grumbling doesn’t accomplish anything besides maybe making me look like a dope.

Maybe you just got through a bad break up.  Maybe you are going through a break up right now.  Maybe your marriage or relationship has just hit a rocky period, and Valentine’s Day just seems like another thing to throw a hitch in the road.  Don’t like the day get you down on yourself or your situation.  Just ask one question, which should be the same question we should ask ourselves everyday: How I can I love and serve the people in my life?


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