A New Year

I think it might be a rule among bloggers to write about the new year. I missed out on the “Best of…” lists so I might as well start a list of things I want to do better.

1) Write more. To the few that stumbled on subscribing to this thing, you have probably noticed that I am horrible at updating. I have no good excuse. To be honest, I’m lazy. I’m a writer and I suffer from a very bad case of laziness. To succeed in this, I need to schedule set times to write.

2) Continue to interact with people more outside of social media. Let’s be honest, many of us have settled for a more convenient way to communicate. It is easy to get in contact with friends through social media to see how they are doing. Facebook stalking has become an acceptable thing among friends. However, we lose so much in not meeting face to face. Being involved in a new church has provided a lot of opportunities to step away from the keyboard and have coffee or dinner with someone. Social media has become more of a planning tool than a telephone. Continuing this trend would be beneficial.

3) Achieve financial goals. This year I plan on moving from being an apartment dweller to being a home owner. This presents a challenge as my current place of residence leaves me with little money left over to save for a down payment. This may mean moving to a cheaper place for a little while. It also means I need to be more fiscally responsible. The end of 2012 came with more frivolous spending on my part.

4) Be who God made me to be. This sounds easier than it actually is. God made everyone to fit in His puzzle called life, however it all has been distorted through sin. This can take shape in many ways. It can be refusing to be active in pursuing a career, a relationship, or a ministry opportunity. It could be all of the above. Not having a complete and total assurance about a situation isn’t justification for passivity. As a matter of fact, many times when God says, “Go,” it is challenging and uncomfortable. It is that way for a reason. We must rely on Him to grow in Him.

That’s my list. With your list for the New Year, I encourage you to go as deep as possible, but don’t stop there. Think of concrete steps you can take to achieve your goals. Try and devise a plan. Very few worthy things ever just happens on their own.


2 thoughts on “A New Year

  1. Plans are really helpful, especially for me when I have smaller steps. I especially like goals numbered two and four. They hit home and apply with me as well. We can always continue to work towards being the person God wants us to be. It’s a constant job.
    Maybe you’d like my blog as much as I like yours? It’s my reactions and thoughts as I read along in the devotional Jesus Calling. 🙂

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