The Tablet Craze

More and more people are gravitating toward tablet computers.  Tablets used to be for graphic designers, people in the medical field, maybe architects…pretty much it used to be something you had to have for a specific job.  Some people still get them for jobs.  I bought my Nexus 7 to partially better keep track of appointments, notes, and to show off web design demos to potential future clients.  I also like having a lot of fun with it.

Something I’ve noticed since I’ve gotten my tablet: I use my laptop a lot less.  After spending 8 hours at a PC at work, I’m pretty much done with the keyboard and mouse.  I can use it if I have to, but if I can get by with just using my tablet, I’ll do that.  For a 7 inch tablet, the Nexus 7 can do quite a bit.

Maybe I’m reading too much into.  Maybe people just want the next piece of tech.  However, after owning a tablet I find myself gravitating to only using my laptop when I absolutely have to.


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