Best Times for Productivity

In college, I blew a lot of things off until the last minute.  8 + page papers usually didn’t get finished until the morning of the deadline, and that wasn’t because I was working on it that whole time.  It was because I was a procrastinator.  I was a professional waster of time, and sometimes I still am.  It doesn’t seem like a big deal, unless you want to do something with your life after your 8-5 day job.

I used to think that the best time for me to write was at night.  That was when I felt the most creative.  Maybe there is a season when that is when the real creative juices come out.  However, I think that is also a season when the earliest you have to wake up is 9:30.  There comes a point when a person has to wake up at 6:30 or earlier to get ready to be at work 5 days a week, and because the internal clock is set there is no sleeping in past 8:30 on the weekends.  These make for full days full of sunshine, however night time is no longer creative time.  Night time is bed time.

Writing or doing much of anything at these times almost seems like a waste of energy.  Nothing good will probably come out.  If something good does come out of it, it’s probably a mistake.  To be honest, a person needs to have all their wits about them to be really on top of things.  You can’t snooze through writing a chapter of a book or creating a website.  That doesn’t create compelling material.

So, this leaves the precious time after work or early in the morning before work to create.  Carve out a planned time frame in your weekend to spend working.  If you have a vision or a dream, work on it.  Devise a game plan to get there.  Be creative, but do it during daylight.  You’ll have better ideas and won’t be as discouraged if they fall short of expectancy.


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