Further Seems Forever is back!

Last summer, a bomb was dropped in the social media world.  Further Seems Forever announced they were releasing an album with the original lineup in October.  This was a huge deal for anyone who was a fan of the troubled band.

Chris Carrabba, made famous for Dashboard Confessional, was the original singer for FSF.  Everyone knows at least part of his story, he left and started Dashboard Confessional, became famous, and made lots of money for singing about bad relationships.  After Carrabba, Jason Gleason joined the band.  Gleason’s vocal stylings in FSF reflected Carrabba’s, however he left the band on bad terms.  The band left a message on their website explaining the situation in a way to be honest but also to respect all parties involved.  After Gleason, Jon Bunch from Sense Field joined which was a complete gear shift.  Though the music was definitely Further Seems Forever, Jon Bunch’s voice was much smoother than Carrabba’s or Gleason’s.  It made for an almost completely different tone despite the still emotional lyrics.

After an album and tour with Bunch, FSF broke up and went radio silent.  Though hardcore fans stayed with the band through all of the vocalists most probably remembered “The Moon Is Down” the most fondly.  Though rough around the edges production wise, Carrabba’s voice just fit with the music.  In 2010, they played a few reunion shows with Carrabba, which eventually led to recording a full-length album.

I was waiting for Penny Black to be released today, as most media is released on Tuesday, but woke up yesterday to find the message “Penny Black in stores today!” on Facebook.  I checked online to see if Best Buy had a hard copy in the store, saw that it was in stock, and zoomed down to pick it up.  Only two copies were on the shelf and I swapped both, one for me and one for a friend.  I broke open the packaging in my car and put the CD in my player.  It had been a little over 10 years since I heard these guys together, and even after the first few tracks it almost didn’t seem real.  Out of all the broken up bands, Further Seems Forever seemed like the least likely to get back together and actually make new music.

But they did…and it is awesome.

Rise Records has placed the whole album on YouTube for streaming.  You can check it out through the video below:


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