For a long time, I have driven on highway K-96 and passed cyclists on the path next to the highway.  Every time I passed, I thought to myself, “I wonder where that path starts, because I would kind of like to go down it.”  Today, the weather was absolutely beautiful outside.  My allergies have let up enough this weekend that I felt I could brave the outdoors, as well.  So I got online and looked up “Wichita bike paths” in Google and found out that the trail starts not far from where I live.

The path is about 8 miles, so its a nice ride.  However, it is important to keep in mind that since the path runs along a good stretch of highway, there are a decent number of hills due to exit ramps.  These hills provide a nice little break when you’re going down them.  So, heading out eastward, the ride is pretty nice and leisurely.  But then, its time to go home.

Hills are not fun to bike up.  After awhile, the quads start to burn.  Going to a lower gear is a catch 22, too, because on one hand your legs aren’t working as much but on the other hand, it feels like you are actually working harder to go a shorter distance because your legs are still pumping but the bike is moving much slower.  Then, the wind is another added factor.

Life can be kind of the same way.  Some choices look like great choices.  The potential of these choices seem great, however once we reach the bottom of the hill then we have to turn back around and go back up to get home.  All bad choices end up this way.  Going down the hill may seem fun and may even produce some worthwhile memories, but when we reach the bottom it comes to that awful realization that we’re at a dead end and have to turn around and trudge back home.

I find this metaphor works better with things that just don’t pan out like we want, though.  A guy is friends with a girl and feelings start to develop.  Guys should count the cost before moving to pursue anything more.  What if she says no?  What will the friendship look like after that?  No doubt it will be awkward, and either way the guy will have an uphill battle as he gears himself up to go to bat again, but also as he tries to discern how to lead in a friendship where things just got weird.

That’s the thing about relationships, they are messy.  They are never nice, neat, and tidy.  We can try image management to make them look that way, but under the surface we’re peddling in 3rd gear and making slow headway.  However, in the end, its worth it.

Why is it worth it?  I’ll post on that later…


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