Blog Vision

I’ve started several blogs before.  Many of which I have fallen off from.  I think that the danger with blogging is that it can become too personal.  It can become too much like an online diary.

Its important to write what is real in our lives.  It is important to process things.  However, there has to be a line that is drawn.  Processing shouldn’t happen online.  When it does, things get weird really fast.  People get hurt, and things just never turn out well.

This blog is not that kind of blog, so don’t worry about that.  I plan on writing about several things on here.  Some may interest you, and others may not.  However, these are all things that I find very interesting.  Here are some of them:

1) God.  My faith is extremely important to me, and it is something that I enjoy thinking and writing about.  When I say God, I mean very specifically Jesus.  I believe that there is one truth and not several.  Not everybody can be right.

2) Video games.  I plan on writing reviews, impressions, and opinion pieces on games and what is going on in the gaming industry.  I think it is possible to be a Christian and a gamer at the same time.  Gaming is just like any other hobby, despite what some people may try and have you believe.

3) Movies.  I will review movies here.  As with games, I will try to keep all my reviews spoiler-free, or at least warn when there are spoilers coming.

And there will hopefully be much, much more.


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